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The Unrelenting Power from within

By February 7, 2019No Comments

“Bronze Sculpture 109” is an excellent example of Vejdi Rashidov’s talent as an expressionist sculptor and communicator of emotions. The composition gives the impression of depicting an abstracted bust of a horse and vividly connects the observer to the timeless and silent nature contained within its subdued yet imposing posture. There is a quiet but constantly present electrifying energy radiating from the sculpture similar to a sleeping dragon that can awaken at any moment.

The artwork is a significant piece that represents Vejdi’s skill, level of creative freedom and inventiveness. It conveys fascinating insight into the complex albeit intuitive vision that Rashidov possesses and there are numerous elements to the artwork that arouse intrigue in the viewers, who are ultimately trying to figure out and understand what the sculpture actually is and what it represents. The sculpture certainly portrays an animal, perhaps a horse or another powerful beast, and the essence of the artwork is open to interpretation forging great suspense and fascination for the audience. In fact, the process of examination is a stimulating aspect that makes the experience incredibly interesting and enjoyable for the admirer.

When first scrutinising this phenomenal bronze sculpture and on primary analysis, the depth and the individuality of the piece portrays Rashidov’s great intelligence in how he, as a sincere and gifted artist, has the innate talent to draw ideas from his subconscious and create a truly profound work of art. The artist is able to convey diverse artistic ideas ranging from a classical appreciation of natural form to emotive use of shape and texture. The sculpture is abundantly inventive while simultaneously demonstrates genuine respect for art history through a unique mind and creative vision. Vejdi Rashidov is surely a very accomplished artist that possesses immense skill combined with a vivid and complex imagination.

Karen Lappon

International Confederation of Art Critics