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The Timeless Grace of Visual Poetry

By February 7, 2019February 13th, 2020No Comments

Vejdi Rashidov’s sculptures are intensely expressive and can be described as abstract or expressionist, each sculpture being highly distinctive and saturated with new ideas, emotions and dimensions albeit always adhering to the creator’s narrative and philosophical path. The artist possesses the rare gift of been able to enthrall the viewer with an immense sense of mystery and inspire curiosity through his enigmatic artistic process. From the perspective of art history, there are clear parallels to the art of the mind, the hidden dimensions of consciousness and a connection to the inner workings of expressive intellect but it cannot be denied that there is also something wonderfully ancient about Rashidov’s work. The viewer is at times reminded of the primordial aspect of early Egyptian sculpture, elements of Greek and Roman art and even of Cycladic culture, a little known Neolithic civilisation that inhabited islands in the Aegean sea approximately 4500 years ago. There is a primeval root in Rashidov’s works that connects him to the origins of creativity and allows him to truly explore and discover the most wonderfully communicative aspects of his work. There is a sense of pure mystical fascination linked to the sculptures that instinctively attracts the audience to each and every composition as the stark contrasts connecting the forms and shapes demonstrate the artist’s spartan complexity.

Rashidov’s unique sculptural technique instantly captures one’s attention through the vivid detail and powerful movement contained within the subjects. The artworks’ unpredictable form is immensely thought-provoking and visually stimulating whilst the boldness of his approach and expressive manner proves his incredibly diverse dynamism and confirms his exquisite talent. Vejdi Rashidov has a highly expressive mind that he manages to translate impeccably well in all of his exceptional works of art. His creative imagination transports the audience to complete solemn serenity and the his passion shines through his artworks that, visible from the attention to detail, are clearly highly meaningful and important to the artist as well.

The compositions are dramatic and compelling each telling a distinct story that is captivating and eloquent. Vejdi experiments with shapes and movement conceiving breathtaking and highly recognisable sculptures with a spontaneous method of creation, an exceptionally developed technique and a very individual style. Rashidov is a bold artist that is inherently enriched by limitless facets to his artistic heritage, message and expressive spirit. The results are artworks that are truly profound and incredibly inspiring to all who view them.

Christopher Rosewood

International Confederation of Art Critics