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… He is a man of incredible temperament… with such power and emotional intensity… What he does is marvelous, so uniquely wonderful… touched b y expressionism… there is something indescribable… so interesting and captivating. He is so strong in his emanation, so powerfrul… some things, the rest will settle and change with time. And yet even now he carries in himself all that is necessary for a gr eat artist. It is quite obvious how many cultural layers exist in his work. His sculptur es are interconnected one to the other, and to mine, too. He is one of the neo-classics of our time.


Pedro A. Serra


I had the happy opportunity to meet the great sculptor Vezhdi Rashidov through my good old friend Bernardo Quetglas who is a big collector of works of art, a man who has done something almost impossible: at the centre of Mallorca Island where only almond-trees and carobs grow, along with the solitary pine tree, he, so to say, has “planted” about one thousand sculptures which give the scenery the feeling of surreal beauty, a dream in paradise, another dimension of reality. Among these one thousand sculptures the power, beauty and moving messages the works of Cardenas and our great friend Vezhdi Rashidov stand out. These two artists endow this sculpture park with unique beauty and meaning.

But here I do not want to speak about Bernardo Quetglas, nor Cardenas, who was called by another great sculptor Enrique Broglia called “El Morenito”. It is possible, though I could be mistaken, but I believe that in his work “El Maestro” Vezhdi Rashidov has drawn inspiration from two really great sources – William Blake and Francisco Goya Lucientes who, in my opinion is the father of Impressionism and hence of all modern art.

His tortured images, his birds – ready to make nests in an inferno inherent more to the works of Blake, as if descending from the “bleak series” paintings of Goya, but endowed with new life by the bronze.

Talking of modern art I’ve always said that the artists of the 21st century are always standing before one of the greatest challenges in the history of art –

from the paragons of Altamira to the present, passing through the Egyptian, Greek and Phoenician art and coming to Malevich’s white on white and Picasso’s women with three, four or five eyes, and also why not to the fantasy, surrealist, poetic, beautiful and universal world of Miro’s constellations.

And this challenge is how to find new ways in art, how to discover new horizons.

It is very difficult for the modern artists to fight the challenges of the epoch. Challenges which, in my humble opinion, Vezhdi Rashidov has succeeded in fighting with.

The Grand Master of sculpture Rashidov has succeeded in creating in the 21st century new forms, to inspire new emotions, to define through new vehicles of expression a new and different art.

We thank you, Vezhdi, for the pleasure you gave us by letting us appraise a new and different way of interpretation in art.

Among so much mediocrity, among so many peddlers in the filed of art who want to show off as great artists, but who cannot potter out of their mediocity, you Bulgarian Maestro, represent the oasis full of life and artistry in this boring and dull desert that art has been turned into today.

Jean-Paul Villain

Owner of Jean-Paul Villain Gallery

In 1986 Vejdi Rashidov was in France during his exhibition at the Autumn Salon of Arts. That was an opportunity for me to meet him and appreciate his sculptures. I myself amattracted by impressionism and admired his works, remarkable for their expressive featuresand individuality.

Then I proposed him to organize an exhibition in Paris in June 1990. The exhibition was a great success. We kept our friendship through the years, meeting each time he came to France, and I was very happy to hear the news of his appointment as Minister of Culture in Bulgaria.

As far as mutual relations between France and Bulgaria are concerned, Vejdi Rashidov was an exceptionally successful minister, because, together with Frederik Mitterrand, they managed to strengthen the cultural contacts between the two countries. They signed agreements with The Louvre, other projects are in the process of realization, as the one about The Rodin Museum. As Minister of Culture, he managed to revive the Bulgarian Cultural Centre, which organizes concerts and exhibitions on a regular basis.

Vejdi Rashidov’s sculptures are works of art of extraordinary value. His successful international exhibitions (Turkey, France, The Netherlands, Japan, Spain, Italy, Russia…) manifest evidence of his great artistic talent. His distinguished style, with its disturbed figures and distorted to strange proportions bodies, infuses his sculptures with a new emotion. His creations reveal a different and ingenious art.

Vejdi Rashidov, an artist endowed with multiple gifts, creates a mighty artistic language, which breaks the aesthetic rules with its powerful expressiveness.

It’s our pleasure to present twenty of Vejdi Rashidov’s significant creations, as well as Zahari Kamenov’s works, a Bulgarian painter with a great talent, whose love for fine and powerful imagery and ceaseless strive for perfection give his works an extraordinary artistic aspect.

This exhibition will introduce to the French audience two Bulgarian artists, who have great contribution to our country.

Tjapko And Marjolijn


We have a gallery and sculpture garden (De Queeste) in a small place in Holland (Heerde), but with great artists from Bulgaria. One of these is Vejdi. We think of him as a gifted sculptor and artist, whose work we love, especially the portraits and the intriguing “Strangers”. But most of all, Vejdi is a great person and friend.

As strangers we entered his wonderful house in Simeonovo for the first time, 6 years ago and we left as friends. Since then we met many times. So far we had 2 exhibitions in our gallery with works of Vejdi and both times he was present at the opening, supporting us in our efforts to promote Bulgarian art in the Netherlands.

He encouraged us by saying that history has shown that even small places can play a major role in the quest for art. Of course his work is prominently present in our collection as well.

Vejdi, thank you for your support and friendship and for the wonderful moments we spent together with you and Sneja.

Roland Dubuc


These sculptures express the flamboyant temperament of the artist and for they r epresent at the same time suffering and beauty. This is pure expressionism. No spoof!

These sculptures were made as if poured directly out of the artist’s heart. You can feel immediately what the author wants to show in his work – wer e it the suffering he has gone through or his thoughts or feelings. For me he is a grand master o f sculpture.

Aynur Pehlivanli


We met Vejdi Rashidov in Ankara in the year of 1989. At the beginning, it was an artist – gallery owner relation, but then it turned to a strong friendship. We shared our happiness and troubles.

Holidays spent together with our families made our life colorful. We lived such excitements in Vejdi’s exhibitions in Turkey. By the time I knew him better, my enthusiasm to
his art increased.

I gave up thinking how the novelty and power can be cr eating together in his sculptures; because he is a man who has a heart and is also the symbol of power! And he transfers all these to his sculptures.

Vejdi is an artist that art-lowers want to have his works and an idol for the young artists in Turkey. I will carry the honour of being a friend of one of the most si gnificant sculptors in the world, who left his signature to the 20th century, and to my whole life.